Reconstruction: Tearing Down the Old


Tear down the old, make room for the new. Any shaky foundation must go. If we hold on to something long enough, it will fade and eventually fall apart. This year, God wants you to make room for the new. There are some things and people that you have outgrown. Get rid of anything that’s deteriorating you instead of elevating you. Take the weight off your shoulders and cast your cares upon him. God wants to make room for the new in your life. He wants to expand your territory, but you must be willing to go through the process of reconstruction (transformation). There are some things in you that must be rebuild. There are some old ways, thinking and strong holds that must be given to him, in order to go to the next level. We are our greatest enemies if we are resistant to change. Allow God to create in you a new heart, spirit and mind. Tear down the old, make room for the new. Not my will, but thy will be done.

reconstruction                   under construction





You Are Destined for Success: 2016

You are equipped with the tools and everything that you need to do what God has called you to do. Nevermind if the pathway looks funny, as if nothing is changing. Do not take this as if you going in the wrong direction. What’s important to remember is that God is working behind the scenes. Nothing is what its appears or looks. Going through tough times is sometimes an indication and confirmation that your on the right path. Don’t quit just because you do not naturally see the results you would like. Don’t become discoruage. Don’t quit on yourself.

It does not matter if you still do not see the results you would like to see, still continue anyway. Don’t see it as sign to quit. Become motivated as ever, for nothing shall be impossible with God. God has given you the ability to do what you are called to do. He wants to see if you are able to build and stretch your faith within certain circumstances. He wants to be able to see if you will truly hold on to his word when everything looks funny. He is not man that he shall lie, for he is a God of truth.

You are not labeled by what everyone has said about you. It’s not too late. Blow the dust off your dream and get started, for the best is yet to come. It does not matter about age or the amount of experience. You can do it. ingrain these words in your mind that you are destined for success. Amen!


success 2016


Remove All Distractions: 2016

His words are richer than gold and sweeter than honey. This new year shall be a year of difference. He is preparing you for a higher place. Follow the ways of the Lord and not a path of distractions or destruction. Truly focus on what the Lord is saying. There will always be something or someone who tries to distract us from his purpose for our lives. Focus on what matters.

Your attention is too valuable to spend on nonsense.

When entering into this new year,  only focus on his will. discard any distractions that are a hindrance to your assignment. Focus on building a stronger and intimate relationship with him. We do not have the luxury of time to dwell on what everyone else is doing nor the current trends or what’s popular. Our minds should be so wrapped into him, that nothing else matters. Remove all distractions and watch him show up in your life with his presence like never before. The best is yet to come.  Open your heart, mind, and soul and receive him today.