Why Compare Yourself?

When you are focused on God’s work, you don’t have the time nor need to compare yourself. You are one of kind. There is no one like you on this earth. There are gifts, talents and abilities that God has given you. When you know who you are, there is no need to compare yourself. No two people are the same. He does not create duplicates. (Even twins do not have the same thumb print). It takes courage to be who God called you to be. You have your own identity. Why waste it trying to be someone else? It’s waste of what God put into you. Always believe that you are in a league of your own and that there’s no need to compete with anyone. In order to be the best you, you must be in competition with yourself. If you truly know what you have to offer, you will never compare yourself to anyone; no matter how much money, materials, or associations that someone else posses. There is none like you. There is favor that has been poured in your life. Rejoice that he has made you different! ♥



Stepping Stones to Something Greater…..


Everything that happens in your life, is something to prepare you for where your going. Everything happens for a reason. No matter what situation occurred in your life, it will all be used for his glory. If you are currently at a place in life that you’re not happy about, take baby steps to get towards your goal. Remember nothing happens overnight. The stage of transition is a process. Work while it is day, for no man shall work at night. You are on the way to something greater, don’t allow any setbacks of any kind stop you from where God wants to take you. He won’t allow you to have access to something too prematurely which can destroy you. He will never put more on you than you can bear. Whatever position you are in life, just know that there are greater things to come. Your temporary place or position in life is just a stepping stone to something greater. Do not rush the process. The best is always yet to come 🙂


100 Fold in Return


Never get weary in the midst of well doing for God will honor you for your faithfulness in due season.You shall receive 100 hundred fold in return 100 times over. Shaking down, measured over and pressed together. There is favor that has been showered upon you ever since birth. Don’t wait for the perfect conditions to follow your dreams. There will always be inconveniences in some form. Everything shall be taken care of, just allow God to operate in his time and not yours. Excuses are just bad reasons. Your hard work and faithfulness will pay off. What you do privately, he will reward you openly. Do not be envious of no man, for according to his riches and glory he shall supply all your needs exceedingly. Be anxious of nothing. Sow seeds of righteousness. It is written in Genesis 26:12: “Then Issac sowed in that land, and received in the same year a hundredfold: and the LORD blessed him”.