A Cup of Laughter


 Did you know that Laughter is beneficial to your health? Laughter has the power to relax  both your body and mind. It has the potential to boost your energy, strengthen your immune system as well to decrease stress levels. Its important to take the time to laugh. A cup of laughter is greatly needed and refreshing in today’s time. Laughter can be contagious and can shift the atmosphere of any environment. It is written in Proverbs 17:28: “A merry heart doeth good [like] a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones”. Get your dose of daily laughter. Do not allow anyone to drain your energy. Become refreshed with new positive energy. There is always some humor in some of the most troubling situations. Make up in your mind that you shall no longer be broken. Get back up and get your power back. Remember to get your cup your laughter 🙂




Mixing the Clean with the Unclean

clean water dirty water


Would you mix clean dishes with unclean dishes? What about mixing clean clothes with the dirty ones? Mixing the clean and the unclean together can be dangerous. It does not produce the best results. There are countless examples of unclean mixtures. It is written in

Leviticus 10:10: “And that ye may put difference between holy and unholy, and between unclean and clean”.

Be careful when mixing with the wrong crowd or associates. Be separated from among them. It takes one bad apple to spoil the bunch. Don’t be contaminated. Be cautious of becoming unequally yoked in wrong relationships. He has called you be different and separate. He has marked you as his.

In today’s time, we have a mixture of “Christian” music that is mix with secular lyrics or instrumentals. We have sermons that are mixed with opinions, ideas and philosophy. We should not defile the gift that God has given us. Stand out and glorify his mighty name. Work hard to be holy. Your value is sacred♥ You are a precious jewel. Seek an relationship that only a few people on this Earth ever get to see like Moses. Again, be careful that you do not mix the clean with the unclean.




Another Pagan Holiday….

This post may be a little uncomfortable. Yeah, I was taught that Easter symbolizes the LORD’s death and resurrection, while in fact it’s original background has so many ties to paganism. Here is an article that I found online that’s brief and concise on the background of Easter. My job is to always encourage, but I want to inform you as well; so that we are not destroyed by lack of knowledge. All credit goes to the source of http://christiananswers.net/q-eden/edn-t020.html Continue reading


Don’t Allow Your Passion to Die


Make all the neccesary efforts to to keep your dream alive. If you have to use pictures, notes, recordings, or whatever tool that keeps you mentally inclined to your dream, then do so. Take action of some form. No matter how much time has gone by; young or old; it’s not too late. Don’t allow excuses to hold you back from your potential. There is so much that God has place within you, that he will not allow his investment to go to waste. So what if every one may have told you could or not do. Allow your seed of faith to grow into a harvest of abundance. Give him what you have in your hand, so that he can stretch it and multiply it. His strength is made strong in weakness. He can always use what you have left. Don’t allow your passion to die and wither away. Plant your dream with seeds of faith and patience. Is there anything that is impossible for him? No there is not.♥♥♥


What’s the Rush?

time runningTime can move so fast, that it can be hard to slow down. Moving so fast can rob us from  enjoying the moment. We enjoy food the most when we take our time rather than rushing it down. There is not a time like the present. It’s important to slow down so that we can live in the essence of time. We can miss out on some of the most vital lessons and experiences. There are just certain things that we cannot rush.

God has assigned us a proper time for everything. Just because the timing for others approached much faster, does not mean that we should rush. Rushing into the unknown can be dangerous. Think about the blessing of now. It’s best to soak in the experience rather than rushing it to be over. God is preparing you for where your going. There’s a reason for everything.

Slowing down and resting is best the remedy for your health, happiness and peace. Jumping too fast in things can cause more harm than help. Remember that we should be anxious for nothing. The best is always yet to come.




Don’t Become Blind: Learning from Mistakes



What has your experiences in life taught you? Mistakes along the way will occur and happen, but what’s important is that we learn from them. It is foolish to go through particular situations, but become blinded on the message that God wants you see. We cannot repeat the same thing and receive different results. What benefit does it serve you to repeat the same thing over and over. We dishonor ourselves, we waste time and we sadden our spirit. If God has deliver you from something, why return back? Get out of the mud. Allow him to cleanse you with his holy power.

It is written in Proverbs 26:11: “As a dog returneth to his vomit, so a fool returneth to his folly”. 

Experience can come with wisdom. His wisdom is a gift to avoid certain potholes in the road. There are some things that you don’t have to go through if you have his wisdom. Again do not become blind in the very thing he wants you to get and receive. Learning from your mistakes allows you to move on to the next level in where he wants to take you. Transformed and renew your mind and allow him to create in you a clean heart.





Morning Inspiration: Always Remember to Smile.

Your smile has the power to light up someone’s day. There is always something to smile about.There are so many people who would love to be in your position who do no have the access to the basic needs, employment and etc. You should take nothing for granted. God has given you another chance to exalt his kingdom. Let there be a glow on you that others desire to have. Why dim your light in the midst of of a dark atmosphere? Somebody needs your smile, someone needs your energy. Become inspiration to others in how you live. Allow your joy to be contagious upon other people. Always remember to smile each day 🙂

smile 2


Satisfied Sunday: What are Your Intentions?

Satisfied Sunday’s: Beware of Doing the Right thing for the Wrong Reasons

What does that statement mean? In life, we strive to push ourselves to the limit in certain areas.We can work ourselves to death and not see any fruit come forth. (In the timing of when we want to see the results). We can be so busy and driven that we do not have the time to rest. We can also lose focus on what really matters and counts. Do not get caught up in doing something for the wrong reasons.

Make sure your intentions are pure. We can easily focus on the talent, money, stats, impressing people and protocol and forget all about Jesus. Can you imagine how people want to be seen doing what’s right, but in their hearts they never meant it? Nothing matters without Jesus. Your energy and effort is all futile if he is not in the center of your focus.

Sometimes people can befriend you because they have “a different agenda”. While all the time you thought that they were there for you, instead it was for another reason. Matthew 6:2: Therefore when thou doest thine alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, they have their reward”.

If you operate in doing things with an ulterior motive, then your foundation will come a part. There is no foundation without Jesus.If you do not put Jesus in everything you do, you are only working for yourself. Ask God to create in you a clean heart, so that he is able to guide you on the direction that he wants to take you. Ask can your desire be pure and to not become entangled up in Satan’s web of performance.”  May God bless you and may you continue to get better and better each day ♥


ulterior motive


Is God 1st place in your life? Remove all Idols

Is there anything that is taking God’s first place in your life? Remove every Idol in your life. Idols come in many forms and not just in graven images. Did you know that you can make yourself into an Idol by serving you? If we want God to bless us, we must be faithful servants. That means getting rid of whatever that’s taking first place in our lives besides him. We cannot serve two masters. We will either serve one or the other. It is written in

Matthew 6:14: that “No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon”.

Keep God first place in your life. Do not be hesitant or stubborn to get rid of that thing in your life that’s hindering your from God’s blessing. Cast them away and make room for God to be #1 in your life. He’s waiting 🙂


no idols



1 Step at a Time (Change)


The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD. Progress takes time. Everything is a process. Everything has a particular time and setting. Whenever you are in a process there are steps and transitions to getting where you want to be. Real change does not happen overnight or within 24 hours. Begin with small changes. If you can not walk in the steps, then crawl if you have to. (Remember everything is a process). After crawling, you may fall while your walking, but continue to get back up. Believe or not falling is a part of the process. When you are able to stand and walk, then you can jog. After jogging you will be able to finally run.

Real change is not smooth, but sometimes uncomfortable. Your pathway was designed for you to not only overcome, but to strive as the winner you are. Remove the negative thoughts and all forms of hindrance that’s fighting your progress to change. Everything including dreams, accomplishments, dating and etc. begins with a step. Take things one step at a time, real change is not overnight.  It is written in Proverbs 4:12: “When thou goest, thy steps shall not be straitened; and when thou runnest, thou shalt not stumble“.

change 2