What’s the Rush?

time runningTime can move so fast, that it can be hard to slow down. Moving so fast can rob us from  enjoying the moment. We enjoy food the most when we take our time rather than rushing it down. There is not a time like the present. It’s important to slow down so that we can live in the essence of time. We can miss out on some of the most vital lessons and experiences. There are just certain things that we cannot rush.

God has assigned us a proper time for everything. Just because the timing for others approached much faster, does not mean that we should rush. Rushing into the unknown can be dangerous. Think about the blessing of now. It’s best to soak in the experience rather than rushing it to be over. God is preparing you for where your going. There’s a reason for everything.

Slowing down and resting is best the remedy for your health, happiness and peace. Jumping too fast in things can cause more harm than help. Remember that we should be anxious for nothing. The best is always yet to come.



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