Don’t Allow Your Passion to Die


Make all the neccesary efforts to to keep your dream alive. If you have to use pictures, notes, recordings, or whatever tool that keeps you mentally inclined to your dream, then do so. Take action of some form. No matter how much time has gone by; young or old; it’s not too late. Don’t allow excuses to hold you back from your potential. There is so much that God has place within you, that he will not allow his investment to go to waste. So what if every one may have told you could or not do. Allow your seed of faith to grow into a harvest of abundance. Give him what you have in your hand, so that he can stretch it and multiply it. His strength is made strong in weakness. He can always use what you have left. Don’t allow your passion to die and wither away. Plant your dream with seeds of faith and patience. Is there anything that is impossible for him? No there is not.♥♥♥

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