Strengths vs. Weakness

Sometimes we concentrate on our weaknesses, rather than our strengths. We focus on what we are not skilled or equipped in. We might even tell God that we are not qualified to do his assignment because we do not excel in specific areas. For example, someone may feel that they do not have the speaking skills or courage to present themselves in front of a crowd. They feel that they can’t do what God is calling them to do because they are not gifted or confident in those areas, and maybe God can find someone better. Not only do we dwell on our weakness, but sometimes we operate in fear. Self doubt and fear will hold us back from everything that God wants us to receive. Self doubt is a closed door that can shut us away from the blessings of God. God knew before the foundations of the earth and before you were formed in your mother’s womb your fear, setbacks, and weaknesses. His strength is made perfect in weakness. You do not need to worry about what you lack, for his will shall be done through his power and strength. You have all that you need and there is nothing that shall go to waste. God is strategic. If he wanted to chose someone better he could, but he chose you. You are the perfect person to do his assignment. It is written in Matthew 22:14,  for many are called but few are chosen. You were made to be a champion and an overcomer. Remember that you are more than a conqueror. Focus on God’s power, strength and might and you shall remain victorious. Its not about what you lack, its about operating in his will with his power.


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