Do You Completely Trust God?: Cast Away All Doubts

Trust is a very powerful word. It’s something easier said than done. Relationships of all forms are destroyed without it. There’s nothing like not having a safety net, to see if you really trust God. When your back up plan crumbles and you only have faith left to stand on, it can determine if you truly trust God. Trusting God means trusting him with your actions and not just words. Why? because trust is a verb. Doubt destroys faith. It also limits what God can do. You can never please God without faith. The God we serve is too big to be put in a box! It’s easy to trust him when things are going great, but when life throws you a curve ball, can you still trust him? When the unexpected occurs and when the situation is out of your hands, can you still trust him? When God tells you a promise that you haven’t seen come to pass yet, do you still trust him? God is always true to his word and he is not a man who shall lie. Trust is demonstrated the most in the times of distress or in a trail. Just like your faith, your trust is priceless and it cannot be brought. If you put your trust in anything else, then you will become restless, disappointed and weary. Trust in him through the midst of the test. Do not worry about anything, neither be anxious for nothing, for he will always provide a way out no way. Give him your all. Trust in him for he will never leave you or forsake you.


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