Why Complicate Things?

It’s easy to complicate the most simpliest things. It’s also easy to worry over things we do not have any control of. We complicate things when we lose our faith. We complicate things when we try to fix people and situations. We complicate things when we try to be the solution for everyone else. We can also complicate things by enacting on our emotions instead of God’s way. The best remedy is to give all to him. Rest and dwell in his peace. Allow things to fall in its place. Relax. He shall be with you even until the end of time. We make things much  worse when we complicate things. Not everything has to be complex. Enjoy the simple things in life and allow no one to rob you of your joy and peace. Those are precious treasures that no one can take away from you. Why make any situation more difficult than what it is, even through misunderstanding? Rest in knowing that God can handle any situation and that there’s nothing too hard for him. When we begin to handle it ourselves we complicate the situation. Allow him to fix it. You are not alone. Matthew 11:30 says His yoke is easy and his burden is light.


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