Can God Trust You? Making Good Decisions

No matter what situation in life occurs, everything is a choice. There will be a choice to make a right or wrong decision. For example, some one can go through the same terrible experience of having their heart broke, becoming laid off or suffer through some type of traumatic circumstance. What and how they decide to handle it is a choice they will have to make. They can either become bitter or better. Stronger or weaker. Getting over something is a choice just like not choosing to move on is a choice. No matter who was wrong. Your choices should not be fueled on emotions. Emotions can lead you astray. Do not fret over someone who has nothing to do with purpose. Making great decisions require you to do what’s best for the long term and not for a season. Can God trust you to make the right choices? Can he trust you over the small things? Can he trust you to not follow your feelings? Can he trust you to make wise decisions when no one’s looking?  Great leaders are made by the decisions they make. Not by how they feel. Great leaders have discipline. Making great and wise decisions is critical to have in order to be an effective servant of God. A great decision can change your life.

can god trust you

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