Fret Not: God Has Not Forgotten About You

God said don’t worry about what has yet to come to pass. There is nothing that you should be worried about. Your season of opportunity is almost here. God said fret not over the things you lost. Fret not over the things that fell to the waste side. Fret not over what you didn’t have or received in life. Worry not about money. God shall supply all of your needs and more. For when your season come, no man or devil in hell can stop it. He did not bring you this far to forsake you. Be patient, diligent and faithful. You will reap your rewards in due time. God has not forgotten about you. Never covet over what anyone else has, for when he blesses you it will be in full measure and overflow. Your blessing is too big to settle for what every one else has. Everything you shall have will be on a higher level. You have been chosen. Fret not about the former things for God shall do a new thing in you.

God has not forgotten you

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