The Small things do Matter



Never despise the day of humble beginnings. Everything is a preparation for where he wants to take you. Always remember that the small things are just as important as the big things. Everything starts with a seed. The slow process may feel or seem insignificant, but they are the steps that are necessary to get to the promise. They are important pieces that will work together for the good. Before Joseph became the king of Egypt, God put him in charge over Potiphar’s house and over the prison. God was trusting him with the small things before he could rule over a nation. Can God trust you over the small things? Before he can take you to the promise, you must pass the test when it looks like everything is not working out in your favor (As matter fact, its really when everything looks worse). Follow God’s voice of instruction and he will not lead you astray. It’s the little things that turns into big things.

Again, don’t be discouraged, for the time will come when you will see how it will come together. Sometimes it will look like God is taking you backwards. He will even almost take everything away, so he can see what you would be able do with nothing (Remember Job). This is the road that builds great leaders. Your struggles are a prerequisite in order to get to where you need to be. This will not be for everybody. You must understand that some people are comfortable with just enough. Not everyone is willing to go the extra mile of progression. It would mean getting out of their comfort zones, the possibility of failure, embarrassment and becoming talked about. 

The greatest leaders have to endure those factors and more. It was the small things that they had to handle before they were entrusted with any form of responsibility and authority. For example, before David was a King he was a Shepard over sheep. Before he defeated Goliath, he defeated a Lion. God will always send you a test to prepare you for where your going. Again, can he trust you with the small things?



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