Cast All Cares Upon Him!

In this day and hour, it is important to cast ALL cares upon him. 1 Peter 5:7 says “Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you”. (That means every single thing that’s bothering you or weighing you down). You must place all of your burdens and worries on him. It can be challenging when you’re not sure how God will handle it, but in due time he will! Don’t follow your flesh, it just will create more turmoil and chaos. The problem will escalate instead of it being resolved. Can you obey his voice and follow instructions when he tells you not to move or speak? Can you lean not to your own understanding when it looks like God’s way doesn’t make sense? Trust in him and in due season he will vindicate you. It can be extremely draining and exhausting to put your cares upon something or someone else. Cast even the smallest things upon him, for he knows your needs before you pray about them. Your smallest worries matters to God. Worrying does not add to anything, it only makes things worse. Remember there’s a word for every situation you go through. Cast all cares upon him and again he will give you rest.




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